Random Stuff #5

Hurrah. It’s Tuesday… and that means it’s Random Stuff day!

I’m posting early today as the electricity is due to be cut off from 8:30am to about 4pm for emergency works. With the whole street cut off, I’m off out. Until modern life returns to my home, I’ll be out swimming; Christmas shopping and checking out art galleries. In the meantime, have fun with these links.


> I like notebooks and I like cakes. Make mine a cherry cake please. Aren’t these cake-shaped notebooks cute?

> A ‘remote controlled 4×4 camera buggy gets up close and personal as it is stalked by a curious pride of lions in Botswana’. Watch the results below (if you can’t see the video, just hit refresh):

> Staying with the animal theme (tenuous), Bored Panda’s curated an online gallery of 30 of the most powerful images ever. Shocking. Disturbing. Moving.

> Now that I have my Panem name (Lailess U. Swimlily. Oh dear. Not a great one that one), I’m off to watch Catching Fire.

>  Marimekko’s design team has kindly shared with us the origins of their new Weather Diary collection. And I love them even more for it. I also love the Sääpäiväkirja coffee cup. Straight to my Christmas wishlist that one.



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