Random Stuff #6

Right. Today is an important day.

I’m putting the finishing touches to my Christmas list. All I need to do now is remind Father Christmas that I have been extremely good this year. I’m also working on my Christmas card design and that’s not going well…

Whilst I go and do what I have to do, enjoy these weird and wonderful links:


> A clown epidemic in Norfolk prompts police warning but Superintendent Carl Edwards stresses that “it isn’t against the law to dress up as a clown”.

> As Catching Fire (which I loved by the way) continues to break US box office records, here in the UK, we are told that ‘Katniss is a role model for our times‘.

> We’ve got 41 uncensored instagrams from North Korea (via the Everywhereist).

> “India produces a staggering 4,700 daily papers in over 300 languages plus 39,000 journals & weeklies”. Like that? Then you’re in for a treat. Because here are 27 more interesting facts about India.

> And you know Christmas is just around the corner when Stockton and Cotgrave battle it out for the worst Christmas tree display in Britain. In London, Eros is transformed into a snow globe… in a bid to be protected from vandals…



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