Random Stuff #7

This week’s Random Stuff is all about Christmas.

The good, the sad and the ugly. But not necessarily in that order.

Ho. Ho. Ho.


> The ultimate Christmas present. You can send two people you really like to eat at every three-Michelin-star restaurant in the world over a six-month period. The perfect present for foodies. It will set you back £182.000 but hey, there are over 100 restaurants and these lucky friends of yours will love you forever (or until they need a new wardrobe). If your budget can’t quite stretch to this, you could consider these beautiful color drip candles (everyone I know is getting them) or that dead cute Little Miss Sunshine notebook.

> Antarctica is officially the coldest place on earth with a wapping -94.7C. Brr… that’s cold.

> The John Lewis Christmas advert is dividing the nation. As of today, 10,399,347 people have watched it on YouTube. It cost £7m to make. It has sent Lili Allen to number one in UK singles chart. Yet it has led to serious criticism. Julia Raeside doesn’t like it. Private Eye loathes it.

> From Stuff You Should Know, we have a gallery of photos of terrified kids on Santa’s lap. This really shouldn’t be funny. Poor kids.

> You Never Come Home For Christmas. Only Caitlin Rose can take a sad Christmas song and make it sadder.



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