Shah ‘Abbas: The Remaking of Iran – British Museum, 5 June 2009

Shah ‘Abbas: The Remaking of Iran, British Museum ExhibitionA fascinating insight in the life of one of Iran’s most influential rulers, Shah ‘Abbas.

This exhibition at the British Museum leaves you with the sense of mystery about a man who was full of contradictions… A strong ruler, who thought nothing of killing or maiming opponents and family members to ensure that his rule would not be overthrown; a deeply religious man responsible for the building of Iran’s major shrines; a socialite and a lover and patron of the Arts… to whom we owe Isfahan and a whole new artistic style.

I knew nothing about him before the exhibition… and yet, he’s an influential character who undoubtedly made his mark, not only in his country but also in India and Europe at the time and not only during his lifetime but even now.

Shah ‘Abbas: The Remaking of Iran is on until 14 June, British Museum. Admission fee.

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