Slowly edging towards Autumn

Bathroom (September 2014)

Bathroom (September 2014)

Bathroom underfloor heating (September 2014)


The temperature’s dropping.

We always thought this would be case. That as soon as we were be back from our holidays, that would pretty much be the end of summer.

We came back expecting the bathroom to be finished. But the tilers were delayed by a previous job and weren’t able to make a start. Which is just as well. It turns out that we’d ordered the wrong wall tiles. Phew. And so this week saw us madly rushing to the suppliers to exchange the tiles. And we’ve just spent an hour choosing the grout colour for the floor tiles. An hour.

But it is taking shape.

We have a shower tray in place, a toilet, two new windows and the LED lighting and the underfloor heating are in place.

We have dust everywhere. Everything lays under a thick layer of dust. And the worse thing is the realisation that any attempts to clean and dust would be futile until the work is completed. To distract ourselves, we’re booking gigs and exhibitions for the Autumn.


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