The Be Good Tanyas – Union Chapel, 2 September 2013

The Be Good Tanyas (September 2013)

Ah… The Be Good Tanyas

I was really looking forward to the gig. As you know, I’m a fan… and I really like the venue. I did feel under the weather unfortunately so I don’t think I made the most of it. The songs were awesome. Frazey Ford’s voice is stunning. Trish Klein is incredibly talented. And Caroline Ballhorn holds her own, deputising for Sam Parton who is still recovering from a car accident. I took it all in as best I could. I know there were some beautiful songs and some beautiful cover versions. I know that there was some odd banter going on… something about nudist beaches, a neighbourhood porch where you get great coffee, and some ramblings about Neil Young. I know also that it finished too early.

Again please.

And tomorrow… Caitlin Rose (Shepherd’s Bush Empire). I can’t wait. I’ve got a rotten cold but that won’t stop me. Her gigs are always such good fun. There are still a few tickets available it seems (hurry, hurry). A few days ago, I roped a friend into buying a ticket. She’ll love it. I know she will.

Oh and I could kick myself… I was meant to include a link to this article with my Sigur Rós post… “Taking in the illuminated biomes, the devastating soundtrack and those wondrous lasers, it almost became too much to bear. Stunning.” What a quote!

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