The Boss – Wembley Stadium, June 2013

Bruce Springsteen (Wembley, June 2013)

Bruce Springsteen... a long way away

Bruce Springsteen ticket (June 2013)

I remember going to my friend’s house to pick her up for school. We would wait until her parents left for work, and we would play Born in the U.S.A. as loud as we could. Every morning. It was the fuel we needed to get us through the tedious day ahead.

I never imagined then that I’d be lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen live.

And yet, a few weeks ago, I saw The Boss for the third time (hilarious, just type ‘The Boss’ into Google. Yeah… Bruce Springsteen rules).

Mid-June, wellies and waterproofs on. Argh.

When we got inside Wembley Stadium, we made our way towards the stage. ‘Ah… this is close enough we thought. This is a good standing place’. Yeah, right. That stage is enormous and I had to stand on tip-toe and squeeze my eyes to actually see Bruce and the gang. Look carefully at that first photograph, you can see him for real (I don’t like looking at those big screens. If I wanted to see a band on a screen, I’d get a dvd out!).

Anyway, I digress.

A few songs into the gig, Bruce collected requests. I had forgotten all about that. And I wondered, does Bruce know what he wants to play and picks the requests accordingly and makes it look random? Does he get bored of always getting the same requests? Hmmm. So there I was pondering… when he announced that he could carry on with the requests… or he could play Darkness On The Edge Of Town from beginning to end.


That’s such a classic. And to hear it the way you’re supposed to hear it, in its entirety, well… there were a lot of excited people out there.

Even the weather wasn’t able to subdue my and Bruce’s infectious moods.

That was quite an evening…

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