The Elephant Parade – the first fifteen!

 King’s XI Punjab, Trafalgar Square

Delhi Daredevils, Trafalgar Square

Rajasthan Royals, Trafalgar Square

Mumbai Indians, Trafalgar Square

Royal Challengers Bangalore, Trafalgar Square  Royal Challengers Bangalore (detail), Trafalgar Square

Chennai Super Kings, Trafalgar Square

Kolkata Knight Raiders, Trafalgar Square

Deccan Chargers, Trafalgar Square

The Clonakilty Irish Elephant, Covent Garden Piazza  The Clonakilty Irish Elephant (detail), Covent Garden Piazza

Flocking to the City, Covent Garden Piazza  Flocking to the City (detail), Covent Garden Piazza

Sunny, Covent Garden Piazza

Noah, Covent Garden Piazza  Noah (detail), Covent Garden Piazza

Ddj, Covent Garden Piazza

Pink Elephant, Covent Garden Piazza

The Lion King on Stage, Covent Garden Piazza  The Lion King on Stage (detail), Covent Garden Piazza

Elephants are everywhere… but in the case of the Asian elephant, how long for?

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