The month of – January 2015

Constantine Bay

The Signal Box café


Farmers Market Today

Cinnamon Crodo'nts

A few days in Cornwall at the very beginning of the year. Constantine Bay. Stormy. Wind swept. I stared at the high waves for hours. An incredible day.

Two gigs. The only two gigs booked for the year to date and bizarrely, they were on successive nights. First Aid Kit. Exuberant. Fun. Full of energy. A great, great, night out. And then a much quieter evening of folk music at Bush Hall with The Barr Brothers.

An exhibition. Kurt Jackson: River at the Horniman Museum.

‘As part of my working practice I’ve completed many projects about rivers in this country, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. To follow a river from its source as it grows and changes, erodes and meanders, evolving itself and the land; this is not just a journey, getting to know the river itself, but is also about discovering and understanding the host country, the history, people, culture and wildlife. The river becomes a metaphor for life itself.’ ~ Kurt Jackson

Are you familiar with his work? Do look him up if not. He’s quite something, physically immersing himself in his work. I liked how he names his paintings after the experiences of the day – the smells (figs), the feelings (warmth), the sounds (church bells) or what happens (a golden eagle flying over or a fox running past). The relationship between the landscapes and the poems, or words, on canvas reminded me vaguely of Richard Long’s art.

We had time to explore the Farmer’s Market and came home with cheese, bread and pastries.

Lots of time at home. Chilling. Down time. Sleep time. Working on home improvement projects. Getting organised. Planning trips and weekends away. Looking after the Other Half who was recuperating from a minor surgery. Yet strangely, I only managed to read one book, which I added to my 2015 Books board. The Shock of the Fall. The story of a teenager struggling with mental illness. Haunting. Sad.

Mid-week late night shopping at Borough Market. Shopping without the hustle and bustle of the weekend crowd. You may remember last year’s challenge when we tried recipes from all the cuttings we’d collected over the years. Well, this year, we’re going through recipes we’ve bookmarked. Oh boy, we ate well in January. We’ve had some terrific food which you can check out here on my tried and tasted [sic] Pinterest board, if you’re looking for inspiration. And you can have a peep at the February recipes to date whilst you’re there.

Ah January.

Highly enjoyable.


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