The Scandinavia Show – Tobacco Dock, 12 October 2013

Big Elf (October 2013)

Nordic Noir goodies (October 2013)

Cinnamon rolls (October 2013)

Scandi chic (October 2013)

Reindeer bells (October 2013)

Reindeer eye (October 2013)

A good thing about being at home and having a bit of time to breathe is that I can catch up with a few posts. And drink heaps of tea.

Right now, I’m staying in the warm. And as I wait for the storm to pass, I’ll tell you about the Scandinavia Show we went to a few weeks ago.

The Other Half found out about it, thought of me and bought tickets. Aw.

There were a number of travel companies and tourist boards promoting the wonderfulness of Scandinavia. We came home with a bagful of brochures… and some great trip ideas. Hint: we’d been looking for a non self-drive trip to the West Fjords of Iceland… and we may just have found what we were looking for.

And, as if that wasn’t enough… I got to mingle with stars.

We were checking out the many DVDs and Blurays from Nordic Noir when we spotted Magnus Samelsson (who plays Gunnar Nyberg in Arne Dahl). I’d noticed on the programme that he would be giving interviews on the Sunday so that was a nice surprise. He gave a couple of interviews (don’t be fooled by all these TV crime shows, he assured us, Scandinavia is safe).

I had a chat with Kimberley from The Great British Bake Off. And I’m delighted to say that she is as lovely in real life as she appears on the show. I love the way she bakes and how she explores flavours and combinations. (At the time, I didn’t even know she’d made the quarter final).

No, no. I didn’t let it get to my head. But the food did.

Scrummy sticky cinnamon buns from the Swedish stall and really yummy Karelian pies with egg butter from the Finnish stall.

We did a spot of shopping and this is how come Big Elf came to live with us (from Roots Living). Which has had the effect of setting the Other Half loose on elf jokes… such as ‘we must make sure to take Big Elf to the National Elf Service should he find himself unwell’. Aha.

The show also had some sled dogs (who must have been far too hot) and a couple of reindeers.

That all made for a nice day out.

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