The Shard, 2 October 2013

View towards the Docklands (October 2013)

View towards the City (October 2013)

Tower Bridge (October 2013)

Cloudy view towards Battersea Power station (October 2013)

View towards Battersea Power station (October 2013)

Details of the Shard (October 2013)

I love the Shard.

I had been waiting for an opportunity to go up… and on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon, it happened.

We were very lucky with the weather. Heavy rain was on the agenda. But as we neared the building, we decided to take our chance.

And it was amazing.

The sun worked hard at peaking through the heavy clouds, making for some phenomenal sights.

There was no queue for the tickets (I believe it is a tad cheaper if you book in advance, but I can’t see that we’ll ever do that. Surely you need to know the weather conditions before you go up. This is London after all). The ride up took no time. There’s a good vibe to the place; the crew’s very friendly. We went up with a few other people, but remarkably, most people don’t hang around for long… so at one point, we had the place almost to ourselves. Incredible.

I love the way the river curves.

One of the best things about being up there… (apart from the view of course) is that you feel like giants.

Once we’d spotted the obvious landmarks, we had fun finding some more personal ones and even made a few new discoveries.

Trains looked like worms. Battersea Power station’s chimneys looked eerie. There are cranes… everywhere.

My. Such a tremendous city.

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