The Sunflowers – National Gallery, April 2014

The Sunflowers (National Gallery)

A little splash of sunshine…

A visit to the National Gallery after work. A short wait in two queues.

The Sunflowers.

Two of van Gogh’s paintings together for the first time in 65 years.

The London one: Sunflowers, 1888 and the Amsterdam one: Sunflowers, 1889.

Having just two paintings to look at worked brilliantly. You concentrate more perhaps. You certainly get a lot out of it.

A woman behind me was telling her husband that she liked them both, but maybe she liked the London one a little more, as she was more familiar with it.

The other half and I admired the compositions, the warmth of the colours, the brushstrokes, and the symmetries. And the more we looked at them, the more we got out of them. Differences. And similarities. The pictures so carefully balanced.

We both preferred the Amsterdam one.

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