The Unilever Series: Tino Sehgal 2012, Tate Modern

The Unilever Series: Tino Sehgal 2012, Tate Modern (October 2012)

“Tino Sehgal has risen to prominence for his innovative works which consist purely of live encounters between people, including work at the 2005 Venice Biennale and solo shows at the Guggenheim and London’s ICA. Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall is inhabited by an assembly of participants whose choreographed actions use movement, sound, and conversation. The Turbine Hall is occupied by the physical and vocal energy of the participants and visitors.” (Source: Tate Modern)

When I got to the Turbine Hall, the ‘participants’ were walking as a hound, humming.

At some point during my stay, they sang. Beautifully.

As I left, they were scattered around, on the floor. Chatting. Murmuring.


I never know what to make of performance art. I’m curious. I’d like to know if each day was unique.

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