There’s something about old books… (11 May 2012)
(via, 11 May 2012)

Aren’t these pretty?

They don’t make books like that anymore.

These are proper books. They’re not endorsed by the richest publishing house or a TV show.

You look at them and you can tell you’re in for a treat.

You’re drawn to them. You want to pick them up. You have to leaf through them. Then, before you know it, you’re sitting down… reading, absorbed.

I found this staircase on Pinterest.

I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to old books.

Pinned Image
(via Wanda Bryson-Jackson)

You could have your favourite books of all times or… if you had the time and the inclination, you could have your reading list (which would evolve throughout the year), your bookgroup reading list or your long-term reading list, you know, the one that’s bound to have War and Peace on it.

Such a fun idea.

I love it.

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