This is your directive: photograph your mantlepiece (September 2013)

This is your directive: photograph your mantlepiece

Inspired by one of the directives from Mass Observation: This is Your Photo.

(Ah… it looks very different at the moment. Very Christmassy. Decorated with cards, candles and decorations.)

Our mantlepiece (starting from left to right):

  • The house was acquired in Hämeenlinna (Finland). It houses a tealight
  • A print of “I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside”. Because we like to be beside the seaside
  • My mini baobab tree (still alive)
  • An angel I brought back from Ecuador
  • A small mirror (just seen) we brought back from Bangladesh
  • A poster from our first Caitlin Rose gig
  • Two decorations I got a few Christmases ago (on the left-hand side)
  • Two Hamsot (that’s the plural of Hamsa I just found out) we brought back from Jerusalem

You can learn a lot about people from their home.

We like to travel.

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