Undiscovered London

There you go. As if I needed another reason to fall in love with London all over again…

Imagine… you’re walking the streets of Wimbledon on a Sunday morning, you can’t help but think how suburban it all looks when you take a right into a leafy street and stumble upon the Buddhapadipa Temple.

The first Buddhist Temple in Britain is home to half a dozen orange-robed monks from what I gathered.

Buddhapadipa Temple entrance

The Temple is simply amazing and you would be forgiven for thinking that you’ve magically been transported to Southeast Asia, especially as people met and greeted each others with “Sawasdee” echoing around.

Buddhapadipa Temple

Buddhapadipa Temple (detail)

People were busy setting up stalls on which they laid offerings.

Whilst the monks were praying inside the temple, I walked around the grounds… stunned by how peaceful it was. An oasis of calm and tranquility. There’s a little memorial garden; a secluded corner with a variety of statues dotted around the trees; lovely little wooden bridges and a pond complete with ducks.

A small procession took place, as the monks left the Temple. People lined up and made offerings to the monks (a ceremony I had missed in Luang Prabang as I was never up early enough I’m ashamed to say).

Buddhapadipa Temple (side view)

Removing my shoes, I stepped into the Temple where I found bright paintings describing scenes from the life of Buddha. The golden altar shimmered in the sun. I moved carefully and quietly as people around me worshiped.

As I take my leave, people were chatting and sharing food.


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