Wilco – The Troxy, 25 August 2009

I’m not a fan of Wilco but there was a spare ticket going and I’d never been to the Troxy. According to the posters on the Tube, the American alternative rock band is the band of the moment. Tick. I’ve seen them.

It was Jeff Tweedy‘s birthday (the singer) and he was in  a jolly mood. Made us sing ‘We Are The Champions’! Oh well… as long as he had fun.

I didn’t go for the experimental futuristic sound. In fact, I liked about five songs in total… but it was not a wasted evening!

Look at these:


Troxy ceiling

Troxy entrance sign

Troxy bar

What a lovely venue! I spoke to (a very friendly) security guy who told me that the building was originally a bingo hall and then a cinema. I love the way the art deco theme runs through the whole decor, down to matching the lights and the carpet!

Troxy light Troxy carpet

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