William Scott – Tate St Ives, May 2013

William Scott at Tate St Ives (May 2013)

During our day trip to St Ives, last May, we checked out Tate St Ives.

William Scott. The ‘first major showing of the artist in the UK for over 20 years’.

I had never heard of William Scott (sometimes I wonder where I’ve been), which is shameful when you go on to learn that he was ‘one of the leading British painters of his generation’.

There was plenty there for me to like.

Still lifes. Abstracts. Figurations. And Scott, exploring the boundaries between them all.

I was brought up in a grey world, an austere world: the garden I knew was a cemetery and we had no fine furniture‘.

For me, this translated into Scott having his own style, using a mostly muted palette. The paintings are stripped of details, purely functional. Representative of a simpler way of life.

Cornish Harbour, 1951

Bowl (White on Grey), 1962

Grey Still Life, 1969

Still Life with Orange Note, 1970

And so I know this exhibition happened in the past, but I wanted to share it with you regardless. So that if you see his name about, you can give him a chance.

William Scott . A great discovery.


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