16 shades of beach

16 shades of beach (October 2012)
(via Things Organized Neatly, 28 September 2012)

I love this.

I love the fact that there’s probably a sticker at the bottom of each jar, with the day and place the sand came from.

I love the fact that these very details would conjure up memories.

We tend to think of things having one tone e.g. blue sky or green grass.

But the subtleties are there. There is more to sand than sand.

I remember the white squeaky sand of Lopes Mendes (Ilha Grande, Brazil), the luxuriously silky sand of Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) the crunchy golden sand of Padstow (Cornwall), the slightly wet sand we used for our sandcastle (Cornwall) and the red sand of Sossusvlei (Namibia).

Ah. The memories.

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