2012 New Year recommendations

End of years always bring self-reviews. May be not consciously, but I know that these last few weeks, I’ve scanned 2011 for highlights and lowlights. The New Year always brings new hopes and promises. You hope to learn from the errors and the  mistakes made. You set yourself targets for the new year.

The New Year resolutions.

Traditionally, these are meant to bring you nothing but pain, anger and frustrations. Cut down on your drinking; eat less; exercise more. Diets are synonymous with January. Resolutions are kind of forced on you. Deep down, you will inevitably rebel against one or more resolutions and as you do, you will feel a sense of failure.

So here goes. I have learned from the past and resolutions are not worth making.

Yes I’d like to be fitter and yes I’d like to have a great year… but I don’t have to make myself miserable achieving these.

So no resolutions for me… but recommendations. Semantics I know. But I feel a lot more comfortable with recommendations:

  • Continue to travel and explore.  Adventures are everywhere.
  • More weekends away (that weekend break to Finland last August opened up so many possibilities!)
  • Eat good food (and if the portions are smaller, that’s okay too) and try new recipes. Bake more.
  • Walk up to my desk, don’t take the lift (and no, I’m not on the first floor!)
  • Try new things each month – a new restaurant; a new pub; independent cinemas; sights; etc. (no matter how big or small)
  • Make the most of London
  • More free time to do nothing

So… the opportunities are there. Let’s go get them.

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