52 Lists Project – week eight // List your favourite albums

Week 8 – List Your Favourite Albums

Week eight. List your favourite albums.

I’m not sure I appreciated how utterly personal music feels to me until week 8 and this may well have something to do with the delay in posting this list.

I do feel like I’m giving bits of me away.

I am a deeply private person.

Anyway. It’s done. And… no harm done.

Bluegrass, Indie, Folk are at the core of the list.

Going through my iPod to put the list together was great fun. These albums have seen me through hard times and fun times. Each has a significance to me. And If they were the only albums I was ever allowed to have, that would be fine to0. These are my Desert Island albums.

What this list doesn’t show is the singles I can’t live without.

Singles are different from albums. I spend time each day locating the right single. That single reflects my mood. At peace. Feisty. Happy. Moody. Often, that single is the only track I have from that artist.

And there are some singles that are deeply associated with my travels. Shotgun Wedding, for example, is Finland. I don’t know why. I know that I listened to the track on a train journey from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna. And it stuck. Whenever I hear the track, I’m reminded of Finland.



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