52 Lists Project – week seven // List the things that make you feel healthy

Week 7 - List the Things that Make You Feel Healthy :: Mind, Body and Soul
Week seven. List the things that make me feel healthy: mind, body and soul.

Wow. That’s a small list I’ve got there. And that concerns me a little. I’ve never been that good at looking after myself, not in the pampering type of way.

I used to find it incredibly difficult to slow down. I felt guilty when I picked up a book in the afternoon. I was annoyed if I slept in at the weekend (there’s so much to do). I used to see massages as treats, when I should have seen them as a necessity to heal and relax.

It is a little easier nowadays.

Partly because I have no choice. My batteries don’t last as long as they used to. After a day at work, I need to slow right down. I have to have a couple of evenings at home during the week, and at least a full day at the weekend.

Life has changed. I have changed.

I’m not used to the new me, to this me I am at the moment.

I am better at doing things which are good for me.

But I also know I’m not there yet.


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