A long weekend in Cornwall – October 2012

Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Large rock, Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Pattern, Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Misty, Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Bedruthan Steps landscape (October 2012)

Starfish, Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Three choughs (October 2012)

Caution, Bedruthan Steps (October 2012)

Beer, Watergate Bay (October 2012)

Sunset, Watergate Bay (October 2012)

Sunset at Watergate Bay (October 2012)

Holywell (October 2012)

Coastal path (October 2012)

Art on the beach, Porth Joke (October 2012)

Reflections, Crantock (October 2012)

Big waves, Porth (October 2012)

I love going to Cornwall at this time of year.

You have the place to yourself. Almost.

We explored Bedruthan Steps.

A starfish.

Thin light.

We saw three choughs.

Amazing sunset.

A coastal walk between Holywell Bay and Crantock. I have now walked from Padstow to Holywell Bay. Small chunks at a time. Some chunks more then once; some chunks in both directions. That bit, between Holywell and Crantock is amazing. So pure and lovely. I think we’ll do that walk again and again.

Incredible beach art.

Big rocks (and so, lots of photos of big rocks).

A seal.

Big waves.

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