A Positive View – Somerset House, 2 April 2010

Not quite sure what I make of Somerset House as an exhibition venue for the (free) exhibition, A Positive View.

The building itself is amazing and I must confess that I spent a fair bit of my time there admiring the architecture (and I noticed that they offer guided tours!). But… I was slightly puzzled that the exhibition was split in two, for no other reasons than the fact that it was too big for the space it was allocated in the first place. There was no real theme or century divides that I could see… and so three rooms into it, having just got into it, you have to find your way down the stairs and through a few doors (via an outdoor space) into the remaining few rooms… Weird.

Still… this did not really detract from the good stuff on show and a fair number of images really caught my eye such as ‘Audrey Hepburn at the Ritz‘ (1964); ‘Untitled‘ by Seydou Keita (1952, a man with a bicycle); ‘Givenchy Hat (b) Paris’ (1958); ‘Garlic (1996)’  and ‘Roses‘ (2007).

Even better were the iconic ‘Wyoming‘ (1954); ‘Transvoid Manfred‘ (2008/9); ‘Brian May‘ (1996).

And there there were ‘1404 Pressburg Street, New Orleans 2006‘ and ‘6328  North Miro Street, New Orleans 2006‘ by Robert Pridori and last but not least… ‘A local man walking home from work‘ by Don Mccullin. Stunning.

This made me wonder how such works could be hung in the same exhibition as fluffy images of Keira Knightley or Kate Moss taken purely as advertising shots…

Still, I am getting better at following my New Year’s resolution and concentrating on what I like now, instead of trying to cram it all in and ending up not taking in what appeals to me.

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