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Steve McCurry and the "Afghan Girl"  (October 2013)
(Afghan Girl © Steve McCurry)

I know. Normally, each exhibition we go to gets their own moment of fame on here. But as I’m so behind on everything right now, they’re gonna have to share the limelight.

Beyond the Black, Idris Khan at the Victoria Miro. Before I speak about the art, can I just say how Manhattan the whole thing felt. The venue is this big warehouse type building by the canal. Great space. So Manhattan. That was amazing. Anyway, I digress. The art was fascinating. Dark. Big. The pieces draw you in. They are best seen from a distance to be fully appreciated… but you feel yourself drawn in. “The works are gradually built up with strands of text applied on top of one another in red-black oil based paint” (source: Victoria Miro). You want to read the words. You feel they provide the key to the piece. Wisdom. Entry is free and the exhibition is on until 9 November. It’s worth a visit. And you could always chill at the nearby Narrow Boat after. It’s a nice place to have a drink and discuss art.

UNTOLD, Steve McCurry at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

This wasn’t so much an exhibition but it’s an arty thing all the same. So it counts. How often do you get to hear wisdom from one of the greatest living photographers? The talk focused on the stories behind the photos. It was fascinating to hear how he works; what his ‘doctrines’ are and how he interacts with people. The man knew what he wanted to do with his life, and he set out to do it. The talk only gave us a flavour of what he has done. His book, Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs, delves into things further and it’s a great book to dip in and out of. My favourite moment of the evening? He professes to use his camera set to auto. That’s awesome.

ARTIST ROOMS: Dan Flavin (Tate Modern) That took no time and was great fun. The exhibition is on until 14 April 2014 and it’s free. We’re fans of Dan Flavin. At a very simple level, I like the lights and the colours, shadows and reflections. On a higher level, I find it fascinating when an artist uses a ‘non conventional’ method to express themselves.

House of Pain

House of Pain (October 2013)

I mentioned this in the first ever Random Stuff. We went. We screamed. We went home. That’s about it really… except that it’s great fun. The louder you shout, the more of a light display you create, both inside the room and outside the house (so passerby great a great light show out of it too).

Gary Fabian Miller: Voyage We ventured west for that one. A trip to the HackelBury Fine Art gallery to check out Gary Fabian Miller. The Other Half started to experiment with similar photos so he was interested to see Miller’s technique and results. It’s a shame we didn’t have context to the works (when were they taken for example). The variation between them was so great that it was difficult to understand them fully. It’s still a great idea – taking the same shot at the same time of day.

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