Ablade Glover: 75 Year Anniversary – October Gallery, 31 July 2009

Okay… last week was one crazy week. I must have gone to four or five galleries.

I’ll attempt to cover these over the course of the week, starting with Ablade Glover at the October Gallery. I confess: I’d never heard of Ablade Glover or the October Gallery until I came across a feature in one of the free London papers. The show sounded interested so I made a mental note to go and check it out.

In true Bakary fashion, I got there the day before the exhibition finished. I’m glad I made it though.

The work on display was exquisite. Large canvases, full of colour… with strokes not entirely dissimilar to Pollock… but more meaningful than Pollock’s. Looking at Red Market or The People for example, you can see individual people at the market, you can almost hear the voices and the haggling… A few of Glover’s work really brought Africa back to me… I know I may be going a bit far… but I could almost smell the market!

Hugely enjoyable… (and free).

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