Africa (BBC1)

Congo (Africa, BBC1)

Africa, the latest David Attenborough programme on the BBC.

I’ve only watched two episodes so far, Congo and Sahara, and although very different, they’re both excellent.

In Sahara, I was mesmerised by the sand dunes and how their movements were captured over the course of a year. And the resilience of the animals and living plants who call this unforgiving terrain home.

Congo fascinated me. This country has so much to offer I feel.

David Attenborough’s Congo focused on the rainforest and the wildlife. And two moments caught my imagination:

  • Dzanga-Bai, the legendary “village of elephants”
  • Loango beach, “one of the last truly wild places“. And so when David Attenborough informed us that everyone, from gorillas to forest hogs, ventures out to relax on the beach“… well, you get that, don’t you? I mean… why wouldn’t they? It’s stunning.

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