Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan, Tate Modern – April 2012

Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan at Tate Modern (April 2012)

Museo MADRE - Alighiero Boetti - Viaggi Postali (1969)
Museo MADRE – Alighiero Boetti – Viaggi Postali (1969)

Alighiero e Boetti. Citta' di Torino from Insicuro Noncurante. 1966-75
Citta’ di Torino, 1968


Alighiero e Boetti. Untitled (Invitation). (1966-67)
Untitled (Invitation), 1966-67.

Legnetti Colorati, 1968.
(Source: online ART MUSEUM)

Dama, 1967.
(Source: C4 Gallery)


Seriously inspirational.

The Viaggo Postali and Maps works had my head spinning.

When I left the exhibition, I got my camera out and took many alternative shots of London.

I haven’t felt so creative in ages.

Long may it continue.

Alighierio Boetti: Game Plan is at Tate Modern until 27 May 2012. Admission fee.

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