April Weekends

Sanderson Ooti Fabric in Orange

Coffee and furniture research

Colour chart (Farrow and Ball)

Red, purple and blue stairs!

'Last chance to see the best play of the year so far", Old Times (Pinter Theatre)

The Young Vic (London)

A Doll's House, poster (The Young Vic)

Well… here we are. The end of April is upon us.

The Easter weekend feels a long long way away already (in fact, the next Bank Holiday is upon us!).

Those four days off work went very quickly.

On Good Friday, we went back to see Old Times, ‘the best play of the year so far’. The Other Half got up very early and queued for hours to get day tickets. We’d checked and Kristin Scott Thomas was playing Anna. It’s funny how we knew what would happen and we knew the lines… and yet the very fact that the two actresses swapped characters… well, it made for a totally different play. We saw Anna and Kate in a different light. Dialogue took on new meanings. And no, seeing the play a second time did not resolve anything. To the contrary, it raised more questions.

We followed that with an outing to the Young Vic where we saw A Doll’s House. I found the story compelling. You do want to know what’s going to happen to Nora and (I don’t want to spoil it for anyone), I liked the outcome. But I found the acting a bit weak (Kristin Scott Thomas and co were always going to be a hard act to follow).

We’ve been away so often these last twelve months (not that I’m complaining) that we hadn’t spent any time (or money) on our humble dwelling. So for the rest of our Easter weekend, we had a list – declutter; furniture and storage research; DIY and some shopping. Busy busy. The curtains in the dressing room desperately needed replacing and I love the fabric we picked. It’s bright, cheerful and it will look amazing in the room. We decided on paint colours for the front door and the hall… samples are in the post. Exciting times. We badly need additional storage so we’re thinking about shelves all along one side of the office. Removing the very old carpet in the hall (we’ve been in the house 12 years now and I’m sure the carpet was there before our predecessors. It was time for that carpet to go) revealed a surprise. Who on earth paints their stairs those colours… and why? May be one of those colours, but red, purple, brown and blue?

The weather is warming up… and so I was able to spend an hour or so in the jungle that is our back garden a few weekends ago. The sun was out (a rare sight these days) and I made a start on the overgrowth and the weeds. Every year it’s the same. I dream of afternoons spent in the garden, reading the papers and drinking homemade lemonade or having dinner alfresco with a glass of chilled white wine. And then the British summer kicks in. Still, not to be defeated, every year, I spruce up the garden. May be this year…

After weeks of grey sky and rain, the sun is gracing us with its presence.

Oh sunshine… how welcome you are.

You can’t beat a ray of sunshine. May be this time we can hope that winter is well and truly behind us.

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