‘Arctic with Bruce Parry’ versus ‘Human Planet’

The last few weeks have brought true delights to my box to the extent that I’ve been looking forward to the next instalment, wishing my week away!

The BBC programmes ‘Arctic with Bruce Parry‘ and ‘Human Planet‘ are as captivating as they are different. And everybody is talking about them. It’s not often that I can join in those coffee machine chats about what was on TV last night and I’m loving it!

We’re used to Parry travelling to remote parts of the world to live with tribes and we always give him full marks for giving it his best… as he does this time around. His new series is focusing on the arctic (here’s a link to an interesting interview with Parry) and the underlining current to the shows are the effect of modernisation and global warming on this remote and mysterious part of the world. Serious stuff… but whilst I applaud him for bringing these amazing people; places and topics to the forefront of our minds, I can’t help but think that the series is not hanging together quite. The timing of ‘Arctic with Bruce Parry‘ is perfect however and is making me even itchier to get to Greenland (not long now).

Human Planet is an incredible programme. The film footage is out of this world. The stories of how we, humans, adapt to our conditions and environment are astonishing and I am grateful to Human Planet for having found those amazing people and for sharing their stories with us. The mini-site is well worth exploring as well.

With ‘Oceans’; ‘Deserts’; ‘Arctic’ and ‘Jungles’ already under our belts, I await the last four (‘Mountains’; ‘Grasslands’; ‘Rivers’ and ‘Cities’) with an impudence similar to Oliver Twist: I. WANT. MORE.


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