Around the World in 80 Books

Around the World in 80 Books (September 2012)

Around the World in 80 Books.


See? That’s why I need more duvet days.

So I have time to stumble upon all these amazing things out there.

So anyway, Around the World in 80 Books.

Travel the world through books.

That’s such a lovely idea.

And lucky St Kilda!

What an amazing local library they must have.

And all that reading time. Jealous.

But. Hmmm. So many questions.

Does St Kilda’s local library happen to have these books? Do they have to be ordered in especially? How does St Kilda select which book will represent a country? How does St Kilda find out about these books in the first place? And which countries will be left behind and why (although I have noticed that Scotland is country 84)?

Having just come across ‘Around the World in 80 Books’, I’m giddy happy to see that Book 77 is about Iceland and Book 76 about Greenland… and even more happy to see that Greenland’s book is Cold Earth by Sarah Moss (who was at the Falmouth literary event I recently attended).

It took me a little while to track down Finland’s book (there is no search facility on the blog) but hey, I’ve now added Book 8 to my wishlist: House of Orphans (Helen Dunmore).

This is fun.

It’s a great way to learn about new books.

It’s also a great place to check out what I should take with me as my ‘on location’ books.

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