Ash cloud flight cancellations

Oh dear… The ash cloud is heading for the UK and some flights in Scotland have already been cancelled as a precaution. So much for experts telling us yesterday that they were not anticipating any disruption.

Travelling is getting more and more tricky me thinks. My feet are very itchy and yet, I can’t seem to settle on an idea or a destination: winter holiday? Summer holiday? Long break? Short break?

How can I make up my mind? And how can I select a destination that works for me and feels right?

The Middle East is out of  bounds at the moment and for the foreseable future. There have been a few earthquakes and a Tsunami in the East (New Zealand and Japan). The US (in the West) is fighting tornado after tornado. In Europe, the return of the ash cloud means that air travel is uncertain.

Researching possible destinations and trips is always a fun thing to do. Isn’t planning one of the best things about travelling? As far as I’m concerned, all the research I’m doing at the moment won’t be wasted… and I guess I’ll know when I’ve got a winning combination.

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