Bostswana and Zambia – Chobe National Park (June 2012)

Lion, Chobe National Park (June 2012)

Dead tree, Chobe National Park (June 2012)

Giraffe, Chobe National Park (June 2012)

Chobe National Park is known for having the highest concentration of elephants in Africa.

Strangely enough, we only saw a couple on our early morning drive.

But we saw loads of other animals: a hyena; buffalos (charging our truck); giraffes; ‘go away’ birds; hippos; guinea fowls; Egyptian geese; water monitor lizards; vultures and white headed vultures; fish eagles; impalas; sable antilopes; a lion and a lioness courting; a pride of lions; kingfishers; warthogs and we got a glimpse of a civet.


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