Botswana and Zambia – Elephant Trails Safari (June 2012)

Elephants waiting for us (June 2012)

Sekuti, walking near Marula (June 2012)

Sekuti eating (June 2012)

Marula’s shadow (June 2012)

Scenery (June 2012)

Sausage tree - detail (June 2012)

Tree bark (June 2012)

Elephant skin (June 2012)

‘Feed me’ said Sekuti (June 2012)

Sekuti’s eye (June 2012)

Marula eating (June 2012)

Elephant Trails Safari poster (June 2012)

You can spend a good four to five days in Livingstone (and a small fortune). There’s so much to do there.

Right at the top of my wish list, and our last activity in Livingstone, was an elephant back safari.

I swear this was one of the happiest moments of my life so far.

We had to get up really early (yep, again).

Our elephants were waiting for us.

We rode Marula, a thirty-ish male.

Walking alongside us was Sekuti, a young orphan.

Just us, and the sound of the elephants passing through the grass.

Watching our shadows advance.

The ride was gentle.

We spotted monkeys, antelopes and sausage trees.

The guide we had with us was mainly ensuring that we progressed on our journey. Elephants do like to eat, we found out! And a ride like ours offered ample feeding opportunities!

The scenery was lovely. Calm and peaceful.

I compared elephant skin and tree bark.

The Zambezi Elephant Trails encourage visitors to interact with the elephants. So I fed Marula. And I fed Sekuti – both during and after the ride.

[Insert smiley face here!].

So happy. So lucky.

You can tell the elephants are happy there and that they are well looked after.

Elephants are everywhere…

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