Botswana and Zambia – elephants, Chobe river safari (June 2012)

Herd waiting to cross the river, Chobe (June 2012)

Bulls, Chobe (June 2012)

Bulls in the water, Chobe (June 2012)

Elephant walking nearby, Chobe (June 2012)

Straight from crossing the border back into Botswana, we found ourselves on a boat safari.

The wildlife was staggering. We saw so much. And all so close to us.

Being on a boat gave us a totally different perspective of the animals and their habitat.

But the Chobe river safari was all about elephants (for me anyway).

We got close to them. Really close.

They went about their business, not minding us one bit.

We saw a small herd trying to cross the river, testing the depth of the water and the currents.

We saw bulls swimming.

We saw elephants cooling down in the water.

Elephants are everywhere…

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