Botswana and Zambia – elephants, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Herd of elephants passing near our camp, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Elephants dusting themselves, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Bull drinking, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Elephant tusk, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Chilli bricks, Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Elephant (from an orange skin), Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

Moremi gave us many more elephant sightings… and experiences.

A herd passing the edge of our camp, with lots of little ones.

Elephants spraying dust on themselves.

A bull drinking.

A little elephant copying his elders by trying to shake a tree.

At the entrance gate, a tusk recovered by the game keepers reminded us of the danger the elephants face.

The chilli bricks drying in the sun to be placed strategically as repellant. Humans and elephants having to find a way to cohabitate.

An elephant head made of orange peel… (my other half is a true artist!).

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