Botswana and Zambia – local market and cooking lesson (June 2012)

Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

D. Central Butchery, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Dambwa Central Butchery price list, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Stall, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

K 2,000, tomatoes, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Dried products for sale, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Market stall, Dambwa Central Market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Zambian staple, Dambwa market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Our purchases, Dambwa market, Livingstone (June 2012)

Greens, cooking lesson, Livingstone (June 2012)

Purple leaves, cooking lesson, Livingstone (June 2012)

Our meal (yummy), cooking lesson, Livingstone (June 2012)

We had just under an hour back at camp after our helicopter trip over the Falls and then it was time to go again.

Time for our cooking lesson.

We had a great time.

It started in the Dambwa local food market. Sure, a few tourists get to go there, but not that many I don’t think. It is a local market for local people.

I love going to markets abroad. You get to see the real country I think, people going about their daily lives.

And it’s fascinating to see the goods on offer.

So we walked around, on a mission. We had to gather ingredients for our eight dishes.

We then drove to a hotel for our late lunch.

Well, we helped a bit but our contribution was limited. We chatted with our guide, listened to him talking about where he grew up, his life now, culture and traditions.

The food was amazing.

It is surprising how much flavour each dish had, considering that there are no spices and very little flavouring. All the taste is coming from the vegetables. Everything gets used, nothing is wasted. We had a pumpkin leaves dish (sharp). The bitter leaves tasted… bitter.

A great way to spend an afternoon.

And a great way to learn more about the country, through its food.

The only downside is that we were promised the recipes by email but sadly these never materialised.

Back to camp, we headed straight to bed.

A fantastic day. An exhilarating day. An exhausting day.

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