Botswana and Zambia – Okavango Delta (June 2012)

Travel by mokoro, Okavango Delta (June 2012)

Okavango Delta (June 2012)

On foot, Okavango Delta (June 2012)

Sunset, Okavango Delta (June 2012)

Okay. Let’s get a couple of things straight here.

I did not manipulate these photos.

They are bright. They are lovely.

This is what the Okavango Delta is like.

This is what I imagine heaven to be like.

We glided effortlessly on a beautiful day to our camp in the middle of nowhere. Although that’s not quite true. On the edge of the delta, not far from the hippo pool.

Our camp was amazing. Trees forming a natural fence around the camp and offering respite from the sun.

We spent two nights there.

The days were spent tracking wildlife on foot and learning about the area.

We saw herds of elephants, zebras, giraffes, a hyena den and stunning scenery.

I had a mokoro polling lesson. Turns out I’m really good at it, as long as you don’t mind going round and round in circle. If you want to go straight, meh, then I can’t help you I’m afraid.

After watching the sun set, we gathered around the fire for dinner, tales and songs.

I was worried about getting to the delta.

After all, this was our reason for being in Botswana in the first place. We had read and seen so much about it. It had to be good.

Needn’t have worried.

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