Brighton Toy and Model Museum, July 2012

Travel tickets (July 2012)

Percival Marshall & Co Newsstand (July 2012)

Booking office (July 2012)

The Wonder Book of Ships (July 2012)

Trains (July 2012)

Hornby Train (July 2012)

Electric Trolley (July 2012)

Miniature Table Railway (July 2012)

The Ambulance (July 2012)


That was fun. Really good fun.

May be a tad more fun for the other half – who either had the toys growing up or wanted them.

They have a great collection of old model railways.

I loved all the packaging, the obscure books, the glimpses of the past, the feeling of a ‘glorious’ bygone era.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum. Admission fee.

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