Bureaucrats. Booracrats

Well there you go.

The time has come to get a new passport… after ten very good years, my passport is expiring next week.

My new passport will be one of those new super ones… which means it won’t take me so long to get through passport control in the future! And that’s only one of the benefits to come my way. How exciting is that?

This is a sad time all the same. That passport and me, we’ve been to many places together and shared many great adventures… and I have the stamps to prove it.

Except that now, booracrats are telling me that I’ll have to hand in my old passport to collect my new one. Could it not be cut and stamped ‘cancelled’ I asked? No. Hand the old passport or you don’t get the new one.

So let me get this right. The passport is out of date and outdated. I’m PAYING for a new one (not cheap are they?). And yet, you want me to hand over stamps it’s taken me 10 years to collect???


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