Caitlin Rose – The Windmill (Brixton), 28 July 2011

My second Caitlin Rose gig in that many months. And another great performance by the rising star.

I got the feeling on Thursday night that Caitlin wasn’t just performing; she felt her songs and shared them with us (engaging in a sing along to Answer in one of these bottles even). A great night… with a pretty good bill which saw supporting acts from Ryan O’Reilly and Gerard Starkie.

I guess I’d forgotten what it was like to see an artist in a small intimate venue. The greatness of the sound. The feeling that you are wanted there, that you’re not just one of the numbers. The atmosphere.

It’s already getting harder to get tickets to see Caitlin… but I hope she’ll continue to play in small venues for years to come, even knowing that I won’t always be able to get tickets. Caitlin Rose at The Windmill was as perfect as a gig can be.

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