Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today – Tate Liverpool, 6 September 2009

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to post about the Colour Chart exhibition!

This was my second visit to Tate Liverpool. It’s a nice space and they have some good exhibitions there but obviously, it’s a bit of a distance away so I rarely make it up there.

The Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today  exhibition, which ended a little while ago now, was all about taking “the commercial colour chart as its point of departure, addressing the impact of mass-produced colour on the art of the past sixty years” (Tate Liverpool). Put like that, it makes sense. Colour is everywhere. Look around you now, how much colour is there around you? Everyday, there is colour around us. Even on a grey day. Colour influences the choices we make and our mood, e.g. ‘hey, the sky is blue, let’s go for a walk’, how we select what to wear on certain day to reflect our mood or think how often we choose food according to its colour.

To say that I came out and started looking around me with a meaning may be taking things too far… but I’m certainly more aware of what’s around and how things look and how people want things to look. I also got a few creative ideas to keep me going over the next few months. All I need now is some time to work on those colour projects!

The exhibition however was a bit disjointed and I found it hard to see how one bit linked to another.

Oh… and the cafe next door is fantastic…

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