Echoes of a Vanished World – National Theatre, March 2013

Echoes of a Vanished World, National Theatre (March 2013)

On our way to see Port at the National Theatre, we made time to check out Echoes of a Vanished World.

The exhibition had stories to tell.

The story of small remote tribes and our duty to protect them and let them be. In essence, the rights of indigenous people.

It’s the story of Robin Hanbury-Tenison and how his travels led him to meet so many tribes and eventually to found Survival International. Plenty of artefacts on show.

Yet I found the exhibition lacking somewhat. The photos were interesting but they lacked context and decent captions wouldn’t have gone amiss. All in all, it didn’t hang together particularly well. Having said all that, the sentiment is an excellent one. It’s a story that has to be told. It’s a story we need to hear.

Port, by the way, is a hard-hitting play. Social Realism at its very best.

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