Ever wondered what you’d do with £41,658?

Well… there’s a question.

I know what I would do with a few millions. We all do, don’t we? That question always comes up in the pub with friends, after a few drinks, or when you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere with too much time to think: “what would I do if I won the lottery?”

Every now and then, the thought pops into my head… if I had £x millions I would…

But £41,658 is a very specific amount.

On Airbnb, you can currently rent the Magical Mariazell village in Austria for that amount of money. Last year, for £44,862, you could (allegedly) rent the whole of Liechtenstein! Yep.

The website has loads of very tempting and unusual places to rent – planes; boats; parking spaces (!); trains and… islands. Imagine… your very own island in Fiji… Oh my.

Back to earth, I see that they also have great flats and houses, most of them with a wow factor and a more appealing price tag.

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