France by the sea – National Geographic Store, 6 March 2010

Promoted by the French tourist board, this exhibition was more to do with encouraging people to holiday in France this summer than beautiful shots one may have expected from an exhibition at the National Geographic store.

And so, we had images of families enjoying themselves on the beach. The message loud and clear, go to France for your summer holidays, you’ll have fun!

“France by the sea” exhibition at the National Geographic store

A few images were, however, of superior quality. Petr Krejci’s evocative image of petanque for example. Or Blaise Perrin’s image taken at a stall.  These looked composed and a bit arty compared to the ‘holiday shots’ which made up the rest of the exhibition. But then again, at a time when people are starting to plan their summer holidays, may be we want to sea images of sea, sun and fun!

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