Give Me Tomorrow – Alex Katz, Tate St Ives (September 2012)

Give Me Tomorrow - Alex Katz, Tate St Ives (September 2012)

During my recent trip to Cornwall, I made sure to spend some time in St Ives, purely so we could see this exhibition (but that’s no hardship. St Ives is a real nice place anyway!).

I knew nothing about Alex Katz. I was simply attracted by the work the gallery used to promote the exhibition.

I have read a bit about Alex Katz since, and in particular, his association with the Pop Art movement. I can see that. For me, his work has an almost photographic quality to it. I like the fact that people look caught in the moment. You see them as they look at you; mid-conversation. You’re almost intruding on their privacy. Very real and part of what’s around you, everyday. Or they’re fashion icons.

Brash bright colours. Big canvases. Inspiring. Earnest.

Really enjoyable exhibition. Very suited to Tate St Ives.

Winter Branch. This one stole my heart. It reminds me of my Finnish winter wonderland holidays.

Alex Katz, ‘Winter Branch’ 1993
(‘Winter Branch’, Alex Katz via Tate)

Give Me Tomorrow is on at Tate St Ives until 23 September. Entry fee.

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