If I lived in Finland…

House, Porvoo (Finland)

This is where I’d live.

So pretty. And magical.

Kitchen (Porvoo house)

This is where I’d bake cookies, biscuits and cakes.

Living space (Porvoo house)

And this is where I’d chill, with my cashmere blanket, my books, my hot chocolate and of course, my cookies, biscuits and cakes.

I like Porvoo. It’s a nice town. With a really good coffee shop; a lovely Russian tea room and independent and quirky shops.

And it’s only a hour from Helsinki by bus.

Win win.

I can see myself living there. I can. I really can.

Seriously. This is an affordable dream.

I’ve been spending my lunch breaks, all week, on Prian.eu (where the photos come from), feasting my eyes. Houses with sea views. Houses by lakes. Houses with a sauna.

But that dream is set to remain a dream. It is completely off limits.

Or is it?

A permanent move is off limits. I wonder whether a temporary one could be brought to the table – 3 months? 6 months?

Of course, we’d rent then, not buy. And probably in Helsinki.

That would still work for me.

Ah. A girl can dream.

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