‘If you build it, they will come’

Weather, July 2012

Not entirely sure what’s just happened.

I left London for the weekend – just one tiny weekend – and I came back to a different city.

The roads have new markings; stations have new pink(!) signage and people are on edge.

The only constant is the  rain.

I thought I was up for it, you know, the Olympics. But as the games get closer, I’m panicking. I want to flee.

Is my journey to work going to be a hell as they predict? What about my daily life – meeting friends after work; food shopping?

Who are all these people who will soon be descending upon London to make my life a misery? No seriously, who are they? I understand getting tickets to events because it’s happening right here in our town, but who travels to see the Olympics?)

Is it too late to change my mind and join the exodus?

It is just nerves? A general sense of frustration, as I wake up on yet another dull, grey and wet ‘summer’ day?

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