I’m back!

Norway Street, SE10 (London)

It’s funny how you walk past things all the time but don’t really notice them until one day, bang, you see them and wonder how you could have missed them before!

So… a few weeks ago, I noticed this street sign. I must have passed it hundreds of times before.

Why did I notice it then? Well, funnily enough, this was just a few days before we were due to leave for our trip to Norway.

Funny hey?

I have spent the last three weeks in the Arctic – two weeks in Svalbard and one in Tromso. It was amazing. We saw polar bears! And much more.

I do feel guilty that I haven’t posted for ages, especially since I have so much to share. I was reading Blog, Inc. last night to see if they had any advice on this dilemma of mine. And they do, kind of. They advise to have a few posts ready and to post them automatically in advance.

Hmmm. I’ll ponder that one.

In the meantime, it’s good to be home. I have had some amazing experiences so far this year but it’s good to be home. I’m a little tired of all this exploring. As I type this, there are talks of trips to come… but nothing booked as yet. So I will let this feeling of serenity wash over me.

I am back. And I hope you’re all still around…

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