Kazakh Craftswomen of Mongolia’s ‘Rich Cradle’ – Brunei Gallery (SOAS), 28 July 2009

This is the penultimate exhibition I have to tell you about from my London week. I came across it by chance… having made it to SOAS to visit the secret garden.

Kazakh Craftswomen of Mongolia’s ‘Rich Cradle’ is a specialised exhibition about Kazakh craftswomen who live in the western-most province of Mongolia.

Textiles feature heavily in the lives of these women. They make embroidered wall-hangings and panels, woven ribbons and felt carpets, working from traditional designs but also incorporating new ideas and colours. It’s hard work but the results are vibrantly colourful and more importantly, practical.

They are some textiles on display, a video montage of the women at work and background information about the techniques used and about the lives of these women. And… you get to go inside a yurt!

Kazakh Craftswomen of Mongolia’s ‘Rich Cradle’ is on at the Brunei Gallery (SOAS) until 19 September 2009. FREE.

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